Lynn McKenzie Automotive features the Torchmate TMX 5x12 high definition plasma cutting technology which delivers the best cut quality in the industry. Torch and consumable design ensures a precise gas flow that creates a consistent shape in the plasma arc. The capability afforded by this state-of-the-art technology allows Lynn McKenzie Auto Repair to custom fabricate hard to find or impossible to find parts. The Torchmate TMXHD plasma cutting system ensures a top of the line auto repair, even if it means fabricating a replacement part from scratch.

Torchmate Plasma Cutter Systems

The Torchmate product line of automated plasma cutting tables encompasses a broad scope of machines: from entry-level CNC machines to industrial plasma cutting tables such as the TMX Pro and everything in between. The bolt-together CNC kits use durable extruded aluminum framing to fit larger metal sheet sizes, resulting in increased metal part production. The Torchmate X table brings the weight and durability of a 5,800+ pound fabricated mild steel water table to fabrication shops that are ready for a commitment to in-house manufacturing. International businesses can capitalize on the low cost shipping of our gantry-kits, giving them the power to customize the dimensional length of their CNC machine.